Mass for the people of India

Join us for a special Mass for the people of India. India is facing a devastating second wave of coronavirus, with more than 16 million cases and 200,000 deaths confirmed.

Caritas India, on behalf of the Catholic Church in India, has appealed for solidarity and assistance as they respond to this massive challenge and serve the distressed population.

Join us in prayer and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in India tomorrow Friday 7 May at 6:30pm.

The Mass will be celebrated by Fr Justin Karakadu, SDV from St Winefride parish in the diocese of Wrexham.

To join us register here

Campaigning with CAFOD – Reclaim Our Common Home

Are you interested in putting your faith into action?

CAFOD’s campaigning tackles the causes of poverty and hunger, not just the symptoms. Speaking out for justice goes hand in hand with our work overseas to help vulnerable families and communities to flourish. It enables us to help thousands more communities than we could through fundraising alone, by advocating for changes in policy and practice to reduce poverty overseas. It includes political campaigning, but it is not party political. There are a variety of ways you can participate. Our latest campaign, Reclaim Our Common Home is a response to Pope Francis’s call for a new way of thinking about the world, and to take an active part in renewing our troubled societies by embracing the universal values of solidarity and fraternity.

In 2020, we experienced the worst global health crisis in a century. The coronavirus pandemic has devastated lives and shattered families in Britain and across the world, with disastrous consequences for people’s jobs and livelihoods. The pandemic exposed many of the inadequacies of how our world currently works. It has proved that we need greater cooperation between nations, solidarity between people and a greater focus on the poorest in society.

Find out more about our latest campaign – Reclaim Our Common Home and the variety of ways you can participate here.