St Augustine’s Primary, Coventry Make a Splash

Frank Allinson, a CAFOD Birmingham Archdiocese School Volunteer, visited St Augustine’s Primary School in Coventry recently to talk about CAFOD’s work to provide clean water to some of the 884 millions who don’t currently have access to it. He told the story of 11 year old Rosena, from Zambia, who before CAFOD dug a borehole for her village, spent three hours every day carrying water for her family from a river some distance away. Some of the older children were invited to try carrying a large container full of water, which they agreed was very heavy and not something they would want to carry very far. As a result of CAFOD’s work, Rosena’s life has improved considerably; she no longer misses school; her health is better; and the village has had no cases of cholera which resulted from the dirty water they previously had to use. The School Council have selected CAFOD as one of their Lenten charities this year.

Frank is pictured with two members of the School Council, and has been invited back to the school after Easter, to receive a cheque for CAFOD.


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