Youlbury Activity Day: Ice Breakers and Reflection Shakers

On Sunday 27th May Amy Fox, CAFOD Diocesan Officer (Youth) took part in an Activity Day in Youlbury Scout Camp with around 30 young people. Parachute games were played and the ice was well and truly broken with some of CAFOD’s own sports activities before the group moved onto the steep task of climbing Jacob’s Ladder!

Before finishing the day with open air mass, the young people had time for reflection. CAFOD’s Global Justice Prayer Stations were set up around the camping field for the young people to visit, spending as much or as little time as they wished at each. Each station asked the person to step outside of their normal thought patterns and consider things again. The Newspaper Prayer Station asked the young people to reconsider the articles in newspapers, which are so often overlooked because of how frequently stories of tragedy are presented to us, to really read them and pray for the people involved, the country and the situation. The ‘We Are One Body’ station took its inspiration from the First Letter from St Paul to the Corinthians. Just as St Paul tells us that “Just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ” (1Cor12.12-13). This station told the young people to step into the body of Christ and look at the people who are a part of it.

Another station offered was the Solidarity Wall. Here the young people were presented with the starts of prayers by different people and encouraged to add their own lines. These completed prayers show how reflecting in a different way can really open up new forms of thankfulness and belief within even the most set down and well known forms of prayerful expression:

                                                                      “Our Father, who art in Heaven

Thank you for everything you have given to me

Thank you for giving me friends and family

Thank you for Youlbury”


“Compassionate and loving God, you created the world for us all to share

Helps us to protect it and keep it safe”


“Heavenly Father, you hold the whole world deep in your heart

Help us to be your eyes, ears and hands to spread your love

Share your love with everyone to fulfil the good life you desire for everyone

Show us the beauty of your creation

Help us to love others and love you

Help us to have fun with people we don’t like

Help us to say nice things about people we don’t like”


A great thank you to Trisha, Helen, Eve, Judith, Trevor, Mike, MC and Paul for all their hard work in organising a great day and for inviting CAFOD to attend.

If you would like Amy or one of our volunteers to visit your youth group to run a session, or if you are a youth leader in the Birmingham Diocese and you would like to inspire your young people to put their faith into action by engaging in global justice, we can provide advice, resources, training or even tailor-made sessions. Please get in touch with Amy on 01922 722944 or e-mail


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