Duo Amici Musicali – a musical evening for CAFOD

On Saturday evening September 22nd, we had a wonderful evening for CAFOD at St Joseph’s, Burntwood, in the Birmingham Archdiocese.

We were entertained by two professional musicians, a recently formed duo who performed a very varied range of music, with  Emma playing  the cello and Lizzie the  guitar.

Sitting in front of the altar in the chancel of our beautiful church, the duo inspired us with some sublime baroque pieces and lively works from Spain and Latin America.

Lizzie is a local girl who, from nine years, learned the guitar at St Joseph’s school and quickly developed a passion for music. She was encouraged by her very musical family who still lead us in our choral singing at Mass.

Emma comes from Hampshire and, like Lizzie, acquired her enthusiasm for music at school, learning the cello from 6 years.

The girls met at the Birmingham Conservatoire (the school of music at Birmingham  University).  Even to the untrained ear the extraordinarily high level of professionalism was evident. Both girls play professionally and also teach. They tell us they are available for future events!

We are so fortunate that they were willing to donate their time freely for CAFOD. The event raised £230. 00 –  a brilliant outcome!

By Mary Kane, CAFOD Key Volunteer


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