Around the World in 30 Minutes at Cardinal Griffin

Year 11 students at Cardinal Griffin Catholic School in Cannock took part in lessons with a difference on Friday 12th October when Amy Fox, our CAFOD Diocesan Officer (Youth) visited with a giant inflatable globe and CAFOD’s World Values Auction.

In small groups, the young people were challenged to take on the personalities of young people in countries around the world where CAFOD works. Each group was provided with a sum of money proportionate to their country’s wealth and invited to bid against the others for the items they needed (or wanted). The auction included everything from fertile land, to fashionable clothes to friends, but it soon became clear that most of the characters would not be able to afford to buy anything. Jonathan from the UK had far more money than the characters from Honduras, Kenya, Cambodia and Nigeria put together and he outbid them on everything, even things he didn’t really want.

After the cries of ‘That’s not fair’ had subsided, we discussed the reasons for the unfairness in the world, and what the students could do to make a difference. We talked about how – like Jonathan – we are part of the systems that make life unfair for so many people and how, by making small changes to our own lives, we can help to make big changes in the world. The students were challenged to each do one thing to help bring about a fairer world and they wrote their pledges on hearts, which they stuck to the globe.

Ideas included:

‘Don’t waste money on pointless things, give to charity instead.’

‘Buy more Fairtrade stuff, so producers in developing countries get a fair deal.’

‘Don’t waste food, electricity etc.’

‘Give more to the poor – Robin Hood style!’

The students’ pledges to help make the world fairer

Thank you to Helen for inviting us to the school, and to the students for a brilliant day.

If your school would like a visit from CAFOD, please get in touch with us on 01922 722 944 or e-mail


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