Making connections in Erdington

Young people at Ss. Peter and Paul youth group in Erdington, Birmingham, experienced a taste of life for young people in countries where CAFOD works when Amy Fox, our CAFOD Diocesan Officer (Youth) visited on Wednesday 10th September.

The evening started with an energetic round of Jambo, a getting-to-know you game played by young people at the CAFOD-supported St. John’s Sports Society in Kenya. This was followed by a game of Global Connections, in which the young people discovered how we are connected to others around the world through things as simple as the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the sport we watch on a daily basis.

In small groups, the young people were then challenged to take on the personalities of young people in countries around the world where CAFOD works in the World Values Auction. Each group was given an amount of money proportionate to their country’s wealth, and had the chance to ‘bid’ for the things their character needed – or wanted – from clean water to an MP3 player. Unfortunately, Phanna from Cambodia, Ltimiran from Kenya, Archal from Nigeria and Erika from Honduras soon realised that they had no chance of competing with Jonathan from the UK who, with much more money than all the others put together, ended up winning everything, even things he didn’t really want.

By the time the auction ended, the young people were feeling angry about the unfairness in the world and inspired to do something to make a difference. One of the young people offered the money she had brought to buy tuck as a donation to CAFOD.

We talked about some of the reasons for injustice, and discussed what the young people can do to help. We finished the evening with a time of open prayer – with the young people passing a bread roll around the group to signify whose turn it was to pray – and a moment of reflection, in which the young people each wrote down one thing they will do to help change the world, and stuck it to a giant globe.

A huge thank you to youth leader Natalie and the group for a brilliant evening. The young people are determined to make a difference in the world and, without doubt, will go on to achieve great things.

If your youth group would like a visit from CAFOD, please get in touch with Amy on 01922 722 944 or e-mail


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