Young people in Walmley are Hungry for Change

Loaves and fish were taken, shared and multiplied at Holy Cross and St Francis in Walmley, Birmingham, on Thursday 4th October when Amy Fox, our CAFOD Diocesan Officer (Youth) paid a visit to the youth group.

The group of twenty young people aged between fourteen and eighteen meet every Thursday and take an active part in the life of the parish. During the past year, they have raised an impressive total of £3000 for various charities and they also work to raise awareness of issues that matter to them.

During Amy’s visit, the group reflected on Catholic Social Teaching and considered how the values it inspires are central to CAFOD’s work. We looked at some of the statistics around hunger in the world: the young people were shocked to discover that people in the UK throw away enough food each year to fill 200,000 London buses, while one in four children worldwide are underweight due to malnutrition.

This is not because there is insufficient food in the world to feed everyone – God created a world of plenty – but a result of injustices in the way food is grown, sold and shared.

We thought about what we can do to change this, and we ended the evening by taking action as part of CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign. The young people each wrote a message on a fish, calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to act to make the global food system fairer, with power shared more equally between rich and poor.

Nina wrote:

‘Humans were created in Imago Dei. God wanted the world to be shared equally and so in his image we must endeavour to share the world in the same way. Please think about how you can help us help the world. Our generation can make the change.’

Katie wrote:

‘Together we need to change the food system, which is unfair as the poorest countries are losing out, which is not necessary as there is plenty of food to feed the whole world! Something has to change!’

Each fish came with a loaf, and the young people were challenged to multiply the action by taking the loaf and passing it on to someone else. One of the young people took the opportunity to do this almost immediately, as parish priest Fr. Neil walked through the door and she thrust her loaf into his hands, enabling him to take action as well.

A huge thank you to youth leader Rose and the group for a brilliant evening, and for taking action for a fairer food system. All their actions really will make a difference.

If your youth group would like a visit from CAFOD, get in touch with Amy on 01922 722 944 or e-mail

Please take action for a fairer food system at


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