St Joseph’s Harvest Celebration

On the weekend of October 6th/7th St Joseph’s, Burntwood, celebrated its third harvest festival of recent times.

This ancient English tradition was lost for a while during Henry VIII ‘s split from Rome, but has long been part of Anglican worship and is now enjoying something of a revival in Catholic churches.

Our harvest festival is organised by the CAFOD group who see it as an opportunity to thank God for our great good fortune in having sufficient food, and to remind us of the many for whom a painful, gnawing hunger is a normal part of daily life.

It is estimated that almost a billion people worldwide do not have enough to eat, equivalent to the combined population of the USA, Canada and the European Union.

Reviving an ancient English tradition while helping CAFOD tackle hunger around the world

Our Harvest celebration has been supported by members of the group, by the congregation, and by local stores – the Co-op, Morley Road, and Morrisons, Burntwood. The Co-op gave us a wide selection of lovely fruit and veg, and Morrisons baked a wonderful Harvest loaf in the shape of wheat sheaves.

June Crowley worked her magic with a magnificent harvest floral display.

At the offertory of the Mass, the liturgy children presented Father Patrick with items of fruit and vegetables along with the bread and wine.

After Sunday Mass the ladies held a produce sale and raised £45.00 which will be sent to CAFOD where we can be confident it will put food in some hungry bellies!

By Mary Kane, CAFOD Key Volunteer

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