Coming together for Puentecitos

The parish of St Mary of the Angels, Aldridge, came together for a parish meal to raise funds for CAFOD’s work in El Salvador.

El Salvador meal

Enjoying a parish meal to support CAFOD’s work in El Salvador

The parish is linked to the community of Puentecitos in El Salvador through CAFOD’s Connect2 scheme, which enables parishes in England and Wales to hear directly from communities in countries where CAFOD works and find out how their support for CAFOD is changing lives.

The meal raised £620 to support CAFOD’s work in Puentecitos and similar communities in El Salvador.

Beryl Meehan, CAFOD Parish Contact, said: ‘This will be our first contribution to El Salvador. We look forward to hearing more about Puentecitos.’

El Salvador meal posed

Parishioners from Our Lady of the Angels with CAFOD Diocesan Manager Helen Moseley

Parishioners from St Mary of the Angels also recently organised a fundraising walk.

Start of Lichfield walk

Ready to go… Parishioners from St Mary of the Angels at the start of their fundraising walk

The group braved the weather to walk to Lichfield, to raise further funds to support CAFOD’s work.

Lichfield walk finish

The group arrive at Lichfield

Huge thanks to the parish for all their efforts, which will make a real difference to the lives of people in El Salvador.

If you would like to find out how your parish can become involved in Connect2, please contact the CAFOD Birmingham Office on 01922 722 944 or e-mail


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