Primary pupils are hungry for change

Pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary in Bicester showed they were hungry for change last week when they received a visit from CAFOD Schools Volunteer Denise Dane.

St Mary's Primary 1

Denise told the story of three-year-old Tabita from Kenya, whose family have struggled to have enough food to eat for the past three years.


In 2011, a particularly severe drought killed most of her family’s animals and destroyed their maize crop. Tabita was only a baby at the time, but she survived thanks to the nutritious milk from a goat that was given to the family by a CAFOD partner. Specially bred to survive droughts and to produce more milk than many local goats put together, the family call this goat their ‘supergoat’.

Tabita and goat

The St Mary’s pupils were shocked to discover that one in eight people around the world, like Tabita’s family, do not have enough food to eat.

St Mary's Primary 2

They read out pledges and prayers which they had written on loaves and fishes to support CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign. The messages will be presented to Prime Minister David Cameron to show the pupils’ support for the campaign.

St Mary's Primary 3

The Hungry for Change campaign is calling for:

• Empowering aid for small-scale farmers, especially women, to help them access markets and increase their income, bargaining power and voice in decisions.
• Checks on the power of global food companies, requiring them to report on the lobbying they do and their impacts on human rights – and to ensure that workers in global supply chains get a fair deal.

You can take action at

If you would like a CAFOD volunteer to visit your school, please contact the CAFOD Birmingham Office on 01922 722 944 or e-mail


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