“Dear David Cameron… Do something about this now please”

Young people at St Josephs, Malvern, sent a clear message to Prime Minister David Cameron that they are hungry for change when CAFOD’s Amy Fox and Shingi Mututa visited their youth group last week.

Following an energetic game of Jambo, played with a giant inflatable globe, Global Food Bingo gave the group a chance to explore how the food we eat connects us to people around the world.

This was followed by the World Food Auction, a twist on CAFOD’s World Values Auction in which the young people took on the personalities of characters from countries where CAFOD works and were given a sum of money proportionate to their country’s income to bid on a range of food and livelihood items. Everyone wanted to win the final item, a cow, and there were cries of “That’s not fair!” when they discovered that Jonathan, from the UK, had enough money to outbid everyone else several times over. Quite what he intended to do with the cow, living in Northampton, remained a bit of a mystery. In the discussion following the game it was suggested that, for those of us living in the UK, buying a CAFOD Marvellous Moo Cow World Gift might make more sense, and would certainly help to make things fairer.

After a short break, the young people were challenged to the CAFOD Food Quiz and were shocked to discover that one in eight people in the world are going hungry while, in the UK, we throw away enough food each year to fill 200,000 London buses.

These statistics proved useful as the young people prepared to take the Hungry for Change campaign action, using cardboard loaves and fish to send strong messages to Prime Minister David Cameron that things need to change.

Fish from Malvern

Chantelle wrote:

“To Mr. Cameron, I would like you to change things in poorer countries. Today I have experienced what it is like to be poor and it is unfair. You do not live like this so why should anyone?”

Cerys, aged 11, wrote:

“To Mr. Cameron, I have learnt that lots of food in this country is wasted, yet in other countries lots of people are desperate for food. Please could you do more to help them as they are suffering. No-one should.”

Harriet, aged 15, wrote:

“Dear David Cameron, 870 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat. In the UK 10% of people’s income is spent on food, whereas in developing countries 70% of income is spent on food, and even this is not enough for them to survive on. I have six words for you: DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW PLEASE.”

Are you hungry for change? Take action now at www.cafod.org.uk/hungry.

If your youth group would like a visit from CAFOD, please e-mail afox@cafod.org.uk or call the CAFOD Birmingham Office on 01922 722 944.


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