A simple Lenten lunch

CAFOD Birmingham Key Volunteer Mary Kane writes:

For many years now the St Joseph’s, Burntwood, CAFOD group has marked the Fridays in Lent with a simple lunch of soup, bread and water following Noonday Mass.

Lenten lunch

Simple, because we remember to make small sacrifices in Lent as an act of penance.

Friday, as we remember the day of the Crucifixion of our Lord.

Meat free as we respect the Church’s requirement that we do not eat meat on Fridays.

Communal as we share lunch with members of the CAFOD group and the parish.

An act of charity as we give to CAFOD.

Each week a group member provides a delicious home-made soup, with crusty bread and a little grated cheese. And we have some wonderful soups! Tony makes his perennial favourite – leek and potato. Just about everybody enjoys this. Mary makes butternut squash with a dash of curry, and recently Ulrike gave us a gourmet broccoli and Stilton potage.

So far this lent we have  been sixteen to eighteen people for lunch. We begin with grace and then every one tucks in, with seconds always available. When he is able, Fr Paul joins us. Sophie (Fr Paul’s dog) would like to partake but is asked to merely watch until lunch is over! And there is always lots of lively conversation!

Every diner  “sings for his supper”  by giving a donation to CAFOD, so our simple lunch helps to provide food for those in developing countries for whom hunger is a daily reality.

CAFOD Lenten lunches have, over many years,  become something of a tradition at St Joseph’s and we always welcome new diners!


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