Archbishop Bernard Longley speaks about Big IF

It is 2013 and in the 21st century we are constantly evolving in all areas of life.  From the latest Apple invention to paperless books and from surfing in cyberspace to travelling in space, we are making fast progress in many ways.  And yet in one area it seems that we cannot, that of world hunger.  Still today 1 in 8 people around the world do not have enough food.


There is enough food for everyone, but not everyone can get enough food.  If we can create ebooks to read, why can we not create a fairer food system?  We promised in the Millennium, that we would cut hunger by half by 2015.  Cue to 2013 and we are a long way off from that goal.


But it doesn’t have to be that way – change can happen. In Vietnam they cut hunger from 60 percent in 1993 to just 18 percent in 2010.


That’s why around 200 organisations have united behind the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign – to demand that action be taken on hunger.


Organisations such as CAFOD, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief, the Vegan Society and the Student Christian Movement in the West Midlands as well as community groups such as Wolverhampton Poverty Action Group, are all involved to bring an end to hunger and save lives.


With food prices being increasingly volatile, poor people in developing countries spend as much as three quarters of their income on food. Even in the UK, increasing numbers of people struggle to feed their families as we see a rise in the number of foodbanks and people using them.

Globally we are in this together and if we can reduce hunger, the prize is huge.  The difference it could make to millions of people’s lives and the benefits to the global economy cannot be underestimated.


Global hunger is a crisis. But crises present opportunities – and what opportunity could be more compelling than the chance to make real progress towards ending global hunger?


The UK is in a good position to lead progress on ending hunger, having kept its 43-year-old promise on aid.  David Cameron will host the G8 summit in Northern Ireland from 17 to 18 June and what better opportunity can there be than at a summit with eight of the world’s most powerful leaders in Enniskillen?


The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign is holding a BIG IF rally in Hyde Park on Saturday 8 June from 1 to 4pm.  Join hundreds of people from the West Midlands who will be travelling to London to take part and calling for the G8 to act on global hunger.  IF only the G8 would act on four things: land, aid, transparency and tax.


Join us in the West Midlands and thousands of others at the Big IF and make a big enough noise to get world leaders to listen.


Archbishop Bernard Longley,


Archbishop of Birmingham


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