Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Big IFs

The Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Redditch have sent us some great photos of the 3 Big IFs they made in the run up to last Saturday’s Big IF Rally.

The children gathered together after Mount Carmel’s Children’s Liturgy at the 11am mass on Sunday, 2nd June to create a montage with a message that ‘Jesus fed five thousand hungry people, and there was food left over.  There will be no more hunger in the world, but only IF…’  The younger members of the group coloured in some of their own loaves and fish and wrote a letter to Prime Minster David Cameron.  The letter read: “Dear Mr Cameron and all world leaders, please do what you can to put a stop to hunger at the G8 summit, because there is enough food to go round if everyone works together to make it happen. Thank you.”

MC Children%27s liturgy 1     MC Children%27s liturgy 2

Others in the parish, from the congregation of St Thomas More and John Fisher, Feckenham created a large IF out of loaves and fishes which contained their messages and prayers about world hunger.  This IF was then taken along to the Big IF Rally in Hyde Park on Saturday the 8th June.  To see more about the rally, watch this CAFOD highlights package and read more about the campaign here.

IF_Children%5b1%5d      Feckenham mounted


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