Joshua’s Moo Cow Project

Joshua (aged 14) has been doing some fantastic fundraising for CAFOD in his school  and church community in Stoke on Trent. Inspired by his church’s World Gifts project last autumn, he decided to pursue his own!  Joshua tells the story:

moo cow 1

“Our youth group at Church bought various things through CAFOD World Gifts last Autumn.  As part of our Church’s giving the youth had a budget of £500 and enjoyed shopping for others!!

This inspired me to raise more money to buy another cow! I went online and bought some paper bracelets, printed with ‘Moo cow project 2012/2013 help make a difference’

Moo Cow


I sold them for a donation at school and church and raised over £100, so managed to buy a cow and football. ”


If you would like to follow Joshua’s great example, look here for some great fundraising tips from CAFOD, or take a look at CAFOD World Gifts.


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