Fair Trade Breakfast in Oxford

Locally made breads and fairtrade jamsThe CAFOD group at the Oxford University Chaplaincy recently held a Fair Trade Breakfast between the two Sunday morning masses.  These breakfasts are fast becoming a tradition in the chaplaincy with at least one every term.

Christine, a member of the CAFOD group, says “we have found that a Fair Trade breakfast is a great way to both contribute to the life of the community with a great social event and to let people try out delicious fair trade food!”

The breakfast included Fair Trade tea and coffee, lovely home-baked goods, locally made bread as well as a variety of Traidcraft spreads.

In addition to raising awareness about Fair Trade goods, the event raised £65 in donations for CAFOD.

Have you held a similar event in your parish? Let us know at birmingham@cafod.org.uk.  If not, why not give it a try?  Everybody loves a good breakfast after mass!

Local and fairtrade jams with Cafod campaignsFairtrade tea and cakes

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