Farewell and thank you to Nick Chan of the Oxford Chaplaincy CAFOD group.

Fairtrade breakfast 1

Nick helping out at a Fair Trade Breakfast

The Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy has recently had to say goodbye to one of their long-standing members, Nick Chan.  Nick has completed his DPhil in International Relations and headed back to his home country of Malaysia.

“Nick has been very involved in the CAFOD group at the Chaplaincy for a number of years: leading us on LiveSimply pilgrimages, educating us on climate change issues, serving at the ‘Thirst for Change’ CAFOD bar, and organising Fair Trade breakfasts.   We are so grateful for all he has contributed, and are already missing him!”

Thanks Nick for all your contributions over the last few years. Congratulations on the DPhil, we wish you well on your new adventures!

A great map reader... LiveSimply pilgrimage

A great map reader… LiveSimply pilgrimage


Nick (left) at the Big IF Rally

Oxford Morning in the Meadow 1

CAFOD Morning Prayer in the Meadow


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