Young Coventry Rappers Write Song for Charity

Young rappers from a local school have lent their voices to the fight against global poverty by writing and recording their own song.  Sacha and Jamie from St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School in Coventry wrote the song, called “Why?”, in support of CAFOD. Their music video has already been viewed hundreds of times on YouTube.

Sacha explained: “I visited Uganda last summer and saw a lot of suffering children. I thought it was unfair that people born there are not as fortunate as people born in Coventry. Sacha, whose favourite singers are Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars, also said: “I love music and singing with my friends. My mum also sings and she has inspired me. I want to be like her!”

Deputy Head Teacher Kate Madia said: “Sacha and Jamie are inspirational. I was speechless when I saw the video for the first time.  Both boys have been incredibly humble about the whole thing! The fact that the whole school is singing their song doesn’t seem to phase them at all! They are amazing boys and we are all so proud of them at Saint Thomas More’s.”

The song comes after Sacha and Jamie’s classmates raised more than £1,700 for CAFOD, investing an initial £1 stake in imaginative activities ranging from dog washing to pancake making.

Mrs Madia also said: “We congratulate our children for their fantastic effort. We would like to thank the children’s parents for their wonderful support and generosity of time.”

dig deepSacha and Jamie’s video focuses on CAFOD’s ‘Dig Deep’ Lent Fast Day appeal, an annual fundraising event which this year will focus on Sierra Leone. The West African country emerged from a decade of brutal civil war in 2002, leaving 2.6 million people homeless – equivalent to nearly half of all the people in the West Midlands.

Extreme poverty remains a major issue in Sierra Leone, especially during the annual ‘hungry season’. With CAFOD’s support, families are transforming the former diamond mines, which fueled the conflict, into fertile land so they can grow crops all year round.


CAFOD’s manager for the Diocese of Birmingham, Abigail McMillan, said: “Lent is a time when we stop and reflect on our lives and relationships. Even though the world produces enough food for everyone, one in eight people worldwide go hungry each day – whether because of climate, conflict, or lack of training on effective farming techniques.”

“The pupils at St. Thomas More’s are highlighting the scandal that millions of children their age are still going to bed hungry. They are using their talents to help transform the lives of people living in poverty. CAFOD would like to thank them for all their support.”


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