Alice and Freya’s Lenten Moo Cow Project

Moo cow photo 2 Alice and Freya from St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College in Aldridge have raised £100 during Lent to buy a cow for a family living in poverty.

Both girls gave up a long list of goodies and also gave their time doing jobs at home and school for the whole six weeks of Lent in exchange for cash towards this gift. During Lent they also raised cash for CAFOD via a sponsored run/bike ride with their friends raising an additional £100 which has gone into school.

Alice tells us, “For Lent this year I wanted to do something really good with my friend Freya and we also wanted to do something which would challenge us for the whole of Lent not just an hour or a day. We came up with the idea to raise enough money to send a cow to a poor family and so when we researched the idea CAFOD Marvellous moo cow popped up!

To raise the £100 needed for a Marvellous moo cow we gave up goodies and treats i.e. biscuits, crisps, fizzy pop, chocolate and doughnuts and offered our time to do jobs at home and at school during break and lunch time in exchange for money. Mrs Mullins our head teacher kindly allowed us to leave a specially designed money tin in the staff room at school for teachers to donate and friends and family rallied round too!Moo cow photo 1

It wasn’t always easy but by the end of Lent we were very proud of ourselves and everybody who has supported us. Everyone has been amazing. I hope whoever gets the Marvellous moo cow as a gift is very happy with it and it makes life a little bit easier for them.”

CAFOD’s Marvellous Moo Cow gift is part of our World Gifts scheme. A cow is four gifts in one for a struggling family. Its manure can
help grow crops, its milk can supplement a family’s diet, plus any extra milk can be sold at market. What’s more, any calves can be passed on to help another family. Your money pays for a locally-sourced cow, its jabs and training for the family so that they can look after it correctly.


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