St Joseph’s College Fundraising


St. Joseph’s College Year 7 pupil Jessie and CAFOD fundraiser Joe Andrew put the spotlight on overseas aid with their cheque for £5,000


Young fundraisers at St. Joseph’s College signed the pledge to donate a stunning £5,000 to CAFOD for overseas development aid.


Pupils Marcus, Jessie and Henry with CAFOD fundraiser Joe Andrew and Headteacher Roisin Maguire.

Among the sponsored silences, bad hair days and cake sales was a special pledge book with children from Year 7 up to Year 13 promising to do those odd jobs in return for funds.

Year 7 charity organiser Jessie (12) explained: “I think parents’ cars and children’s bedrooms were spotless as we all signed up to raise some cash.”

Explaining the College’s support for CAFOD, Headteacher Roisin Maguire said: “At a time when all governments are coming under increasingly strident pressure to cut overseas aid budgets, it is vital that our best and most brilliant international charities keep up their fantastic work and set an example to the rest of society.”


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