Tackling poverty in the face of climate change: A first hand view from Kenya

Tackling poster

Join us on Saturday 12 July, 10.30 – 3.30pm, at St Chad’s Cathedral (Grimshaw Room, Queensway Birmingham B4 6EU)

Organised and presented by CAFOD’s Campaigns team, this day will outline the next major CAFOD campaign, focussing on the effects of climate change. Our guest speaker is Antony Mbandi, Director of CAFOD partner Caritas Kitui in Kenya. He will share a first-hand account of some of the challenges the people in his diocese face in the light of climate change.

You’ll also hear from CAFOD climate change policy analyst Rob Elsworth and Sophie Dodgeon, CAFOD’s head of campaigns. Take part in workshops including: ‘Tricky questions on climate change’, ‘Linking campaigning with fundraising’ and ‘Livesimply award links to the new campaign’. Plus, be among the first to know the campaign name and how you can act with us in 2014 and beyond.

Lunch will be provided and all workshops will be led by CAFOD specialist staff. There will be no charge for the day.
Book a place online at cafod.org.uk/campaignsummerevents or contact CAFOD Birmingham: Tel no 01922 722 944
or email birmingham@cafod.org.uk



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