Climate Change and Poverty: Lessons from Kenya

20140712_14594440 CAFOD supporters came together in Birmingham recently to learn about how climate change and poverty are inextricably linked, and why CAFOD will soon launch a new campaign on this issue. Guest speaker Antony Mbandi, Director of Caritas Kitui in Kenya, spoke of the impact of the changing climate in his region, making it hotter and drier with less reliable rains, and how people in communities there are having to devise new ways to cope, with the help of CAFOD.

Solar panels have been hugely successful, in one case enabling a health clinic to refrigerate vaccines and double its patient numbers from 600 to 1200 each week because it can now has lights to stay open in the evenings. Campaigners vowed to spread the word about CAFOD’s new campaign, One Climate One World, when it is officially launched in September.

cc-orange-no-wingsAt the moment, CAFOD and our partners are asking supporters to participate in the “For the Love of” Campaign: tell us what you love and call on politicians to take action against Climate Change. Join our campaign today and let’s tackle climate change for the love of everything we care about!


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