Let’s Walk for CAFOD – St Joseph’s, Burntwood.

St Joseph’s, Burntwood in Staffordshire organised a fundraising walk for CAFOD this summer. CAFOD volunteer, Mary Kane, tells us all about it.

Sunday July 13th was a lovely warm, sunny afternoon. An enthusiastic group of walkers were spotted at Chasewater, chattering animatedly and sharing jokes. There were grandparents, mums, dads, kids and dogs enjoying this beautiful park with one purpose – to raise money for CAFOD. Pete had furnished us with maps giving us several possible routes, the longest one, all around the lake, was 5 miles. To a man (and woman!) everyone agreed to complete the 5 miles. We numbered about 25 souls!

Shortly before the walk I heard that our celebrated nonagenarian, Bernard Mills, 91, wanted to join us. On telephoning him re a lift I asked: do you think you will be able to do the whole walk? To which he replied: I wouldn’t have asked if I couldn’t do it! However, I may need to bring my walking stick!

We all met at the Innovation centre, began with prayers, as is usual with any CAFOD event, and set off eagerly over the dam. The lake was lovely with scores of families enjoying themselves and a great array of wildlife. We walked in a leisurely way because this was not a race! We took the path up towards the rugby club. At one point we split up briefly into two groups as route choices differed. But,  All roads lead to Rome (Henry James), and we were soon re-united at the railway station.  After all, this was meant to be a very informal event!

St JosephsAt one point I couldn’t see Bernard and was concerned. But, no worries, (as our antipodean cousins say), he was way out in front!

From the railway station we marched on forming different groups all the time which meant chattering to everyone in turn. Such a lovely parish social event!

Our party also included a variety of dogs of varying breeds and sizes. Ulrike and Guy bought their Labradors Trudy and Poppy (who is blind but perfectly happy!)  Tony and Sue brought Norrie and Ben.  And all the dogs were so well-behaved!

When we returned to the innovation centre we all enjoyed a picnic with cups of tea from the café. Bernard demolished tea and sandwiches, Jeanette provided her family with a feast of sausages, eggs, rolls, cake etc. We tucked into cake and biscuits, tea and coffee. The only thing missing was a nice glass of (chilled) white wine!

Everyone agreed that the afternoon had been a great success. And we raised £335.05 for CAFOD! Again the parish demonstrated its usual generosity.


St Josephs 2



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