Introducing Lizzie

Lizzie Wignall is a CAFOD gap year volunteer in the diocesan of Birmingham, based at Newman University.  It is great to welcome a new member to the team, we have asked a few questions so we can all get to know her…

Firstly, go back in time to…

Your favourite childhood toy:

A little push scooter. Father Christmas didn’t bring it the first year so it was even more magical when it did arrive!

Your favourite childhood pastime:

Playing in the garden with my brother& sister& our neighbours. One night a fence panel blew down between our gardens so from that moment onwards we’d pop over the fence& make lots of witches stews, dens, homemade fun fairs& play in their tree house!

Now, tell us about your favourite primary school memory:

Playing football at lunch time with my brother& his friends- we were really keen& tried to start our own training sessions at lunchtime!

Now bring us up-to-date…

Where’s home?

Home’s a village on Morecambe Bay so living& working in Birmingham’s a big change!! Could get very used to clothes shops being open until 9 at night!!

Bolton le Sands

And what were you doing before your year with CAFOD?

I’ve just finished studying French& Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University, it’s a lovely place& really enjoyed my time there!

Tell us about your favourite…


I love being in the kitchen cooking& baking, it’s probably my favourite room of the house! However think the all-time favourite has to be lasagna, order it at least 50% of the time in restaurants!


Now I love sports. Really enjoy running& anything outdoorsy. Used to do a bit of climbing& canoeing at uni but the rivers were soooo cold& was a little bit scared of the rocks everywhere!! Really enjoy camping& walking in the mountains with friends if that counts!


Not really a massive reader. However, Mum recommended me the Island by Victoria Hislop over summer which I now recommend to you all! Back to old tricks now though& reading Eat, Love , Pray!



Currently enjoy listening to a bit of Sam Smith’s Not the Only One. An all-time favourite has to be Breathless by The Corrs. Also, She’s Electric by Oasis, that’s a special one, we always request it at family celebrations!


Now if you’d asked me that when I was growing up, it would definitely have had to be Enrique Iglesias! In fact, going to see him in concert this November!!


Any good rom com. Some favourites are 10 Things I Hate About You& Mamma Mia- always a good sing along! One film that really got my lately however was the Pursuit of Happiness- very emotional!!

TV programme:

Anything girly to be honest! At the moment it’s New Girl& the Mindy Project. Just disappointed that Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill& The OC had to end!!

Clothes shop:

Fat Face


Everything’s so beautiful in summer& love the chance to get into the hills& mountains with friends. However, it’s got to be winter because of when everyone comes together and meets up over Christmas!

How about your worst…


That’s easy, definitely alarm clocks!!


All the classics- snakes, rats (especially their tails)& spiders



Liquorice, like everything else!

Now imagine that…

You could live anywhere in the world. Where would it be?

The Lake District because it’s so pretty… but my family& friends would have to come too!!

You received £1000. How would you spend it?

Hmmm I’d probably put it towards a trip to the Amazon or Congo rainforest- when I was young, VERY young, & family& teachers would ask what I’d like to do when I was older, I’d say ‘live in the rainforest& save the monkeys!!’

Photo: Waterway in a Congo forest

You could change one thing in the world. What would it be?

Increased tolerance to see things from other’s perspectives& put other’s needs first combined with a real sense of community to stand in solidarity with our brothers& sisters around the world& on our doorstep experiencing poverty, conflict& social injustices

Now tell us a little bit about you& CAFOD…

Why do you enjoy working for CAFOD?

The opportunity to take action with others to positively impact the lives of& stand in solidarity with those experiencing poverty& social injustices across the globe

What are you most looking forward to this year?

The opportunity to engage, motivate& encourage others to get involved! Meeting& working alongside the students at Newman University& putting their fundraising& campaigning ideas into action! This term we’re hoping to launch a Fairtade stall on campus& fundraise for the community of Puenticitos in El Salvador through CAFOD’s Connect 2 scheme… & of course the opportunity to visit some of the communities supported by CAFOD during the overseas visit& getting to know the individual’s stories, I think that will be a real privilege

What do you think you will find most challenging?

Being challenged by different cultures, customs& viewpoints overseas, I think it’ll really put things into perspective& will show me a different way of thinking& prioritising what’s important

Finally, looking to the future…

In 5 years time, what would be your dream job?

Hmmm that’s a tricky question… an outdoorsy job working with children or on conservation projects ideally in a developing country

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