Staff, children and parents at Holy Trinity, Bilston are amazingly generous in their support for the work of CAFOD and its partners

Trevor Stockton, a CAFOD Schools Volunteer, led an assembly at Holy Trinity school on Tuesday 7 October. Following the assembly, he was presented with a generous cheque for £890 to support the work of CAFOD and its partners experiencing extreme poverty.


Each year, the school raises hundreds of pounds for CAFOD in very imaginative ways. For example, games have been devised around goats, chickens and bees to engage fellow pupils in fundraising.

This year, the school council have decided to raise funds for donkeys through the World Gifts scheme. Once again the children will be running many imaginative fundraising activities, including pin the tail on the donkey, & will invite Trevor to return to their school on completion of the project.
The school has long supported CAFOD and the head teacher Carroll McNally is an excellent inspiration to the children.

We look forward to hearing how the donkey project goes! Good luck Holy Trinity school!


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