CAFOD Young Leadership Training in Oxford and Banbury

Over two days in late September, 11 students from Blessed George Napier in Banbury and St Gregory the Great Catholic School in Oxford were trained as CAFOD young leaders. They met with two members of CAFOD staff to be trained to lead assemblies and raise awareness of CAFOD’s new One Climate One World campaign and organise fundraising events.


The current campaign that CAFOD are working on looks at the effects of climate change which are hitting developing countries the hardest. The students explored how the unfair use of the earth’s resources has led to the changing climate, for example the carbon footprint of someone living in the UK is 30 times bigger than someone living in Kenya!
BGN and St Greg’s are two of the first schools in the UK to participate in this initiative and were able to help CAFOD evaluate and develop their programme for other students.
These young leaders will waste no time in getting started on this very important project and are encouraging their fellow students to want to do something about climate change…for the love of our community, penguins or even chocolate! If nothing changes we could see these things disappear. So watch this space!

Written by students from Blessed George Napier Catholic School, Banbury.


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