ONE CLIMATE, ONE WORLD Campaign Launch in North Staffordshire Deanery

On 8th October, representatives from 11 parishes in North Staffordshire, and also from St. Austin’s, joined together at Coolock Pastoral Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme to hear Jim Quinn, from CAFOD’s Campaigns Team, present their latest Campaign.


Did you know…?  CAFOD belongs to the Climate Coalition, comprising over 100 organisations campaigning on Climate Change.

Jim explained CAFOD’s motivation behind campaigning on Climate Change.

Currently, Climate Change is causing extreme hardship in communities experiencing poverty across the globe, who are unable to access sufficient resources to improve their standard of living and who have contributed least to global warming.


Did you know…? A man in the UK, in 22 weeks, has a carbon footprint the same as a man in Tanzania in his whole lifetime.

The Campaign, ONE CLIMATE, ONE WORLD, invites us to participate in a number of actions.

Actions include signing the Action Card promising to make changes in our own lives to better love our neighbour and care for God’s Creation.

In addition, the campaign invites us to ask politicians to play their part in order to help prevent more people being pushed into poverty and to support the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy for all.

A wide range of campaigning ideas exists including:

  • organising an Action Card signing within Parishes
  • switching energy supplies to Ecotricity
  • organising a Hearts community Action where individuals are encouraged to pledge a promise or write a prayer
  • organising an Advent Service
  • helping a neighbouring Parish
  • joining CAFOD for the national ONE WORLD ONE CLIMATE event following the elections next June

Event organiser, CAFOD Deanery Rep. Phil Mayland, advises that now is a good time to contact all politicians…

The forthcoming General Election combined with the UN Conferences in Lima, Peru this December and in Paris, December 2015, make now an ideal time to contact politicians. We hope and pray major agreements will be signed.

This event was a great success and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Phil Mayland.


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