St Joseph’s Harvest Celebration

We again celebrated Harvest at St Joseph’s on October 19th and, as always, it was a truly happy occasion at our lovely church. June, Maureen and Jackie filled the church with flowers – warm browns, golds ,  and, yellows – magnificent autumn colours. Pete Shelley (from St Anne’s) loaned us his straw pictures with a harvest theme. Thank you Pete.

Members of the CAFOD group visited local stores with a letter asking for produce with which we could decorate the church and then sell after Mass to raise money for the 1 in 8 of the world’s population which goes to bed hungry every night. Morrison’s showed extraordinary generosity, giving us a huge basket of vegetables and baking a beautiful Harvest Loaf. This represented sheathes of corn and it even had a little mouse nibbling away at the stalks! It was quite a work of art!

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Our new Aldi gave us three beautiful wicker baskets filled with every imaginable item of fruit and vegetables.

Morley Road Coop, which has supported us for years, gave us a voucher which we could then use to purchase produce. We soon filled the shopping baskets!

On the morning of the celebration members of the parish brought produce, jams, marmalade, pickles and preserves of all kinds. Tony Hayward brought some fresh samosas which proved a great favourite! Cake was added to the stall and soon sold!

The decorated church looked beautiful – a fitting celebration of God’s generosity in giving us a bountiful supply of food which, if fairly distributed, could easily feed the world’s population.

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The Mass that morning had a harvest theme. The liturgy children brought items of produce to Father Paul at the offertory which he placed near the altar. The sanctuary became a bit crowded! At the end of Mass the children assembled on the altar and sang a lovely harvest hymn. As some were just little ones it was quite some achievement. Peter, Beth and Florence had prepared them well.

After Mass the food was hastily brought back to the hall and sold. Whilst the sale was in progress we were able to enjoy Alice and Peter’s bacon sandwiches with tea and coffee.  They then very kindly gave the proceeds to CAFOD.

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The total raised was £261.05. A wonderful achievement! The money has been sent to CAFOD’s Syrian refugee appeal. A unanimous agreement by the Group who share all of our distress at the terrible plight of families caught in this appalling conflict.

By Mary Kane, CAFOD Parish Contact


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