African Adventure: 1 week until take-off!

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself: I am Lizzie Wignall and I am CAFOD Birmingham’s Step into the Gap volunteer& Newman University’s Chaplaincy Assistant for this current academic year.


As part of the Gap Year, this January a team of six of us will be visiting CAFOD’s partners and projects in Zimbabwe.  In Binga, I’m really looking forward to visiting the irrigation scheme and fisheries group. In the capital city Harare and in Chinoyi, we’ll be visiting those orphaned, infected or affected by HIV and AIDS and exploring how CAFOD is providing counselling, prevention awareness and access to education, health services, birth certificates and home based care. We’ll also be hearing direct from communities about the impact climate change is having on their daily lives.


Throughout the trip, I’ll be writing a blog sharing our experiences and the stories of the individuals and communities that we meet and of course the Zimbabwean culture and way of life that we discover! If you’d like to keep up to date with our adventure, the blog will be available at: . Hopefully, it’ll really bring the work of CAFOD overseas alive!

Many thanks for your continued support!

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