Andrew and Sam’s Pancake House for CAFOD, from St Thomas More Coventry

pancake house 12-03

         We interviewed Andrew and Sam, from St Thomas More, Coventry to find out all about their fantastic fundraising Pancake House. Read on to find out all about how they raised an incredible total of £214.29 for CAFOD from making pancakes. Well done Andrew and Sam!

          1. What made you choose to make pancakes?

My mum and I had been watching River Cottage when theymade pancakes in a school as a healthy breakfast, we said it would be a great thing to do on Shrove Tuesday. Last year all the year 5 and 6 children at St Thomas More were challenged to grow a £1 to raise money for CAFOD. I decided I would like to make pancakes and recruited Sam.

We raised £167 last year and decided that we would like todo it again this year and see if we could raise more. We have used it to earn our scout community impact badges.

          2.    When and where did you make them?

The Friday before the half term holiday before school and Shrove Tuesday after morning Mass in the Margaret Roper room at STM. We made the batter up the day before.

          3.    Who did you sell them to and for how much?

Parishioner and families from STM school and church. We asked for donations rather than charging an amount.

Lots of people said afterwards what a lovely community event it was

I also made a PowerPoint about CAFOD to show on Shrove Tuesday and Sam made some posters to tell everyone how much we raised.

          4.    Who provided the ingredients?

The Devlin and Darragh families

          5.    Did you drop any of them?

A few but we didn’t sell those ones!!

          6.    Did you toss all of the pancakes?

No because we wouldn’t have had any left to sell!

          7.    Have they got any more brilliant fundraising ideas?

Minecraft building competition

Thank-you Andrew and Sam for such a fantastic fundraiser!! We’re truly inspired by your Pancake House, well done!! 


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