St Mary of the Mount’s Youth Group, Walsall and their One Climate One World evening

When Hannah proposed running a CAFOD session at St Mary of the Mount’s Youth Group, we were really excited! After lots of brilliant ideas and planning from Hannah, on Friday, 5th June, Hannah helped lead a session for 20 children focused on climate change ahead of crucial climate change discussions in Paris this December.
st marys 1

Matthew Neville from CAFOD explained all about our One Climate One World campaign. The group asked really brilliant questions and were shocked to learn that 90% of people who die in natural disasters live in the poorest countries and that climate change is the greatest threat to alleviating poverty that exists today.

In addition, the group discovered that globally…   1/7 live on less than 80p a day                          1/7 lack access to sanitation             1/7 lack access to electricity                                           1/14 lack access to safe drinking water      …and decided that it just isn’t fair!

Hannah shared moving stories about cyclones and flooding in Myanmar and the land becoming drier in Bolivia.

Lizzie, as part of her Step into the Gap year with CAFOD and Newman University, spent three weeks in Zimbabwe and shared how in Lubu village, women traditionally walked down a steep, rocky hillside to a crocodile-infested river for water. CAFOD in partnership with the villagers have implemented a solar-powered pump piping water to a tap in the village.The youth group took on the challenge of a water obstacle course…

st marys 2

St Marys 3

…balancing a cup of water under…    

…and around many obstacles.

The team to successfully transfer the most water into the bucket won! Reflections on how to conserve water at home included: If the tap is on fully when you are using it, turn it off a bit’ .

Finally, the group thought about what they would like to tackle climate change ‘For the love of’…St Marys 3Responses included, ‘For the love of’: ‘The summer weather’    ‘Dolphins’    ‘My Mum and Dad and food and drink’

…and wrote green action pledge cards, including:  ‘Make sure you don’t litter so animals don’t get hurt’        ‘Recycling’      ‘Not leaving the lights on and turning off my ipad’       ‘Using less bags’     

We added these with our ‘For the love of’ hearts to a giant heart representing how together we can help tackle climate change.

St Marys 3

Thank-you to Hannah for all her help organising and running the CAFOD session and thank-you to all who attended and helped for making it such a fun and engaging evening!

For a full report of the session and to hear from Hannah directly, please click here to read Hannah’s report.

Time to change climate change? Please let David Cameron know by sharing and signing our petition. Click here to sign!

By Lizzie Wignall


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