Some News from Paris

Kris Pears reports from the CAFOD group currently in Paris for the COP21 summit…..
Paris day 3
We await the revised text of the agreement with baited breath and hope that it has not been watered down too much
Tomorrow there will be a mass mobilisation when hundreds (maybe thousands) of us will form a human message spelled out CLIMATE JUSTICE
The stories that we have heard from small island nations and other people from developing world countries are so moving, yesterday there were two sisters from the Philippines reciting poems they had written following super typhoon Haiyan
“The sea that feeds us will one day grow hungry again ….!”
“Global warming is grinning at our grief
How vast the ocean how microscopic our island is……”
Marcus Aruda of PAX just back from Bhutan told us that we are citizens of the Earth – NO Borders!
There is so much more to tell but I have to go to the next event

Please pray for a successful and meaningful outcome


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