Step into the Gap – Alice prepares for Peru

Alice is volunteering with CAFOD in Birmingham during her gap year as part of our Step into the Gap programme. Here she writes about preparing to see our work in Peru:

Alice is preparing to see CAFOD's work in Peru

Alice is preparing to see CAFOD’s work in Peru

So international training weekend is done and it’s really given me time to think about the overseas visit, the partners we will be visiting and the culture we will be surrounded by. Having time to let it sink in the over-riding feeling is excitement! While there are nerves about some things we might face and how hard some of the things we witness might be to see, all in all I can’t wait to get engrossed in the culture, travel and find out more about the partners and how CAFOD and aids locals to help themselves and the community. All ready for sharing the experience on return.

Volunteer with CAFOD during your gap year

First of all we have discovered which country we will be visiting and it turns out I am going to Peru! We have found out that we will be starting off in Lima, the capital, and then travelling to the rural community of Cruz de Mayo. We will be spending time with families and accompanying them in their daily tasks, attending Sunday Mass at a chapel and meeting young people to hear about their work on combatting violence to name just a few of the things we will be doing!

The partners we will be visiting include Warmi Huasi which means “Women’s House”; providing education in a community in Lima, Solidaridad which works to gain access to employment for women and to ensure their rights are upheld and IES which began focussing on the prevention of HIV and AIDS among vulnerable groups of young people and helping people to make a living. Another partner is EDUCA; in English, the Institute for the Strengthening of Quality Education which since 2004 has helped hundreds of young people set up small businesses as well as trying to improve the quality of education in Peru and more.

So it’s safe to say I am really looking forward and can’t wait to keep you all up to date with the blogs we will be writing while we are there.

Step into the Gap with CAFOD


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