Staffordshire volunteer “shows the love” to his MP

CAFOD volunteer, Phil Mayland meeting local MP, Paul Ferrelly and giving him a green heart

Phil Mayland meeting local MP, Paul Ferrelly

On Friday, 11 February, active CAFOD volunteer Phil Mayland met his local MP, Paul Farrelly, MP Newcastle-under-Lyme, and presented him with a green heart.

Deanery Coordinator for North Staffordshire, Phil, met with his MP to discuss climate change issues and present him with a green heart for Valentine’s Day. By wearing the green heart he was able to ‘Show the love’ for the climate coalition campaign.

Phil said:

“I have been a volunteer with CAFOD for seven years and a few years ago, I signed up as a MP Correspondent.

“I was invited to visit Paris last December for the end of the Climate Conference COP 21, with the CAFOD delegation. In Paris, CAFOD’s Campaigns Coalition Manager showed us some green hearts. I thought I can do something (or more accurately, my wife) and so she made a few. They look really good.

“I had spoken to Paul Farrelly before I went to Paris about Climate Change and also about the Syrian refugees who may be coming to our area. So it wasn’t difficult to think I should visit him and present him with a green heart.”

Handmade Green Heart for the 'Show the Love' campaign.

Handmade Green Heart for the ‘Show the Love’ campaign

How can you get involved?

Handwritten letters have a big impact on MPs; not only does a handwritten letter make it personal but it also shows that you have spent time and effort putting your thoughts into writing.

It is also important to remember that members of Parliament are your representatives who have a responsibility to represent the views of their community.

Phil said:

“We all ought to be in much closer contact with our MPs. We live in a democracy. We pride ourselves on that, yet there is a disconnect between the participation of society in political action. It seems to me that we have a much greater personal responsibility for things because we live in a democracy.”

Using our step-by-step guide makes it easy to write a letter to your own MP. It covers everything, from how to find who your MP, to what to say in your letter.

Download our step-by-step guide to writing to your MP >>

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