Festive fundraising: The band “Saxophony”, of which CAFOD Supporter Paul is a member, deck Witney centre with Christmas carols

Witney 18-02

The weekend before Christmas, the band “Saxophony”, of which CAFOD Supporter Paul, is a member played carols in Witney town centre. The band were well received and raised over £100 for CAFOD. Decked with festive hats, tinsel and a display board, the band promoted CAFOD well.

Paul, a parishioner of Our Lady& St Hugh of Lincoln, has been running a CAFOD parish group since the mid 1980s and has been a band member of “Saxophony” for over 20 years. For the past 10 Christmases, “Saxophony” have played carols for CAFOD.

Paul explains how the carols are a good opportunity for locals to engage with CAFOD all whilst enjoying some festive live music.

Have you got a passion or interest? Why not incorporate it into a fundraiser and support communities in Uganda this Lent Fast Day. Why not take a browse of our fundraising ideas A-Z ?

We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to for CAFOD in your parishes, schools and communities. Get in touch at northampton@cafod.org.uk


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