Pupils organize Fantastic Fundraising day


The Snail Racing Competition (they were computerised snails!)

Schools throughout the Birmingham Dioceses have been doing lots of different things to raise money for the CAFOD Lent appeal. Shortly before Easter, St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School in Atherstone held a day filled with fun and charity fundraising.

The school hold many charity events each year but this year, for the Lent appeal, they decided that they wanted to do something special. Lots of the pupils ran their own stalls to raise money; this educated the pupils on how to run stalls thus improving their entrepreneurial and organizational skills. They thought of fun things to do, made a plan, promoted the event and finally, the big day arrived.

The day consisted of many pupils holding stalls where you could name the teddy, have a penalty shoot out and even watch snails race!


Champions at the Penalty Shoot Out!

Niki, from the school said:

“The year 6 pupils of St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School in Atherstone organised a fun-packed afternoon of fundraising activities with all the proceeds going to CAFOD. The children wrote action plans for their stalls and organised the whole event themselves, which included making posters and fliers to advertise it around school.

“The different stalls included ‘Blindfold Penalty Shoot Out’, ‘Name the Teddy’, ‘Blind Style’ and ‘Snail Racing’ (computer style, not real ones!). Throughout the afternoon all the classes visited the event spending their money and having fun.

“To keep overheads down the main prizes were House Point vouchers! £80 was raised in total and lots of fun and laughter was had!”

We would like to thank all the pupils from the school for their amazing effort and congratulate the pupils for organizing such an amazing day. Their efforts will have raised over £150 for the Lent appeal as the Government match funding means that every pound raised for the Lent appeal will be doubled.

You can still donate the the Lent Appeal and it qualify for match funding up until May 9. Find out more at: cafod.org.uk/Lent

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