Understanding CAFOD Day, 23 April

Who is CAFOD? How did CAFOD get started? How can you as a current Parish Contact, Education Volunteer or someone wanting to know about how to volunteer at CAFOD, become, or get more involved?Understanding CAFOD 23 April poster

You are warmly invited to an exciting day learning about all things CAFOD including:

  • CAFOD’s Vision, Mission and Values – where they come from & what do they challenge us to do?
  • The Story of CAFOD – how it all began
  • Our international development work – examples of our work in the field
  • Fundraising, finance and stewardship – where does the money really go?
  • Volunteering for CAFOD – what can be done?
  • Campaigning – is it hard to do?
  • Free Lunch – there really is such a thing, and one is provided for the day!


Date and time: Saturday 23 April, 11am-4pm.

Location: Reception Room, St Chad’s Sanctuary, 72-74 Shadwell Street, Birmingham, B4 6HA.

To confirm your place: Please contact Lizzie in the Birmingham Volunteer Centre on ewignall@cafod.org.uk or 01922 722944 .

We’d be delighted to see you there.


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