Fabulous Fundraising in Rugby

art st maries

Year one and their impressionist paintings

St Marie’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery, Rugby did a fantastic job at fundraising over the Lent period and the whole school got involved. I got to speak to Mrs Edwards who told me about the exciting fundraising activities:  

“The whole school was involved and in total, we raised £708 with a few pennies. The children in Year One made rain pictures using a technique called impressionism.

“We decided to give our pictures away to our parents and grandparents for a small donation for CAFOD’s ‘make a splash’ and we managed to raise over £40. We also wrote a prayer for those children who aren’t as lucky as us to have clean water and sent it up in a balloon.

balloons st maries2

Prayers attached to balloons 

Reflect with our climate reflection postcards

“The pupils in year five did a sponsored walk and they carried water with them in a variety of vessels. The children decided to emulate the daily plight of children in third world countries by walking around the school field a total of four times, which equated to 1 mile (some did more).

“In year four the children sold flavoured water at break times; year three collected money in their classroom, donating any spare pocket money and other change. Year six organised a colouring competition, and sold colouring pages to children throughout the school.


Year five pupils on their sponsored walk

“The winner was announced and received a little prize in the form of an Easter egg. The whole school had great fun and the school council have shared a list of other charities they would like to raise money form, locally and internationally.”

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the pupils at St Marie’s for their amazing fundraising and creative ideas.

Learn more about campaigning with CAFOD


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