Speak up for CAFOD

Supporters on the day

Volunteers enjoying the day

On 7 May, over 15 volunteers met up in Birmingham to learn more about speaking up for CAFOD. They had a really enjoyable day and learned a lot about why speaking up for CAFOD was important and they developed their public speaking skills.

The morning began with coffee, getting to know each other and a reflection to prepare the volunteers for the day ahead.

The first talk covered why people felt motivated to speak on behalf of CAFOD and their campaigns, they discussed what they would say and who they would be speaking to.


Taking notes

After lunch, they spoke about delivering a talk effectively and learning to present with confidence and most importantly put the ideas into practice. They then discussed opportunities where they could put their newly acquired skills into practice in their local areas, many of the volunteers were excited to speak about the pilgrimage for the Refugee Crisis, reflect on the Year of Mercy and Laudato Si’ with their local parish and in the autumn, lead a Harvest Fast day talk.

Elizabeth Baldwin who attended the day said:


Listening to a presentation 

“The Speak up for CAFOD day highlighted not only the excellent skills of our CAFOD staff in providing the day, but the ongoing commitment and passion of our volunteers attending.

“The importance of having someone other than the parish priest speaking on CAFOD’s behalf in Mass, is such a key opportunity to tell people something about the current world in which we live, how this impacts on the lives of some of the world’s poorest people and to explain what we are doing on their behalf.

“This message and the most effective way to communicate it, was outlined, practiced and performed very well at the SPAM training day by our volunteers. The importance of inspiring people and  offering them the invitation to respond and get involved in the solution, rather than the problems which face today’s Global world via speaking at Mass, was the key powerful message our volunteers engaged with, and have taken away to ignite our parishes with. We know some great ignition is about to take place!”

If you feel inspired to raise your voice for CAFOD, you can find out more about volunteering and speaking up for CAFOD


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