Volunteer Experiences: MP Correspondent

CAFOD volunteer, Phil Mayland meeting local MP, Paul Ferrelly and giving him a green heart

Phil Mayland meeting local MP, Paul Ferrelly

Phil Mayland has been a volunteer with CAFOD for over seven years in many different roles, he tells us what first inspired him to volunteer and why he feels being an MP correspondent is so important. 

I have been a volunteer with CAFOD for 6 or 7 years as a Parish Contact, last 3 years as Deanery Coordinator, last 12 months as a member of the Campaign AdvisoryGroup. I am also a schools visitor. I am a member of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission. I was invited to visit Paris last December for the end of the Climate Conference COP 21, with the Cafod delegation.

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I can’t remember when I signed up as a MP correspondent, some few years ago.

I first heard about the green heart campaign at the CAG meeting last year. Then in Paris, Libby and Sarah showed us some green hearts. I thought  I can do something (or more accurately, my wife) and so she made a few. They look really good. I had spoken to Paul Farrelly before I went to Paris about Climate Change and also about the Syrian refugees who may be coming to our area. So it wasn’t  difficult to think I should visit him and present him with a green heart.

We all ought to be in much closer contact with our MPs.  We live in a democracy. We pride ourselves on that, yet there is a disconnect between the participation of society in political action. I sometimes have a vision of Jesus, on the last day, expanding on his admonition I was hungry and you did not feed me, etc –MATT 25. He says to me your government did not do this, and you did nothing about it; or your government did this, yet you did not raise your voice to say it was wrong. It seems to me that we have a much greater personal responsibility for things because we live in a democracy.

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