Meeting Volunteers in Wolverhampton

20160605_101000 (003)

Parish Volunteer Russell Blanchette and parishioners from Corpus Christi

Last weekend I was very kindly invited by Father Stephen Goodman to speak at Corpus Christi and Our Lady’s parishes in Wolverhampton to thank parishioners for their generous support for our recent Lent Fast Day appeal and to talk about opportunities for getting involved in our work as volunteers.

Find out how to volunteer

At Corpus Christi parish I also expressed our appreciation for the support of long-standing CAFOD Parish Volunteer, Russell Blanchette. Russell has been volunteering for us since 2008 and in that time he has organised many Fast Day collections, has helped organise a Wolverhampton Deanery Fast Day Mass in the parish and also got parishioners involved in supporting our campaigns.

Russell and his wife Geraldine are very keen singers and belong to a local community choir, the Ashmore Park Choir. They have held two very successful and enjoyable concerts in the parish and raised an incredible £1220.00 for CAFOD’s Syria Refugee Crisis appeal.

20160605_100859 (003)

Parish Volunteer Russell and Julia Hood from CAFOD

I spoke about the fantastic work Russell does in the parish and asked for other parishioners to team up with Russell and share the role of Parish Volunteer – the more of us working together the greater the impact we can have on the lives of others. There was a very positive response from parishioners.

At Our Lady’s Parish I thanked parishioners for all their support over very many years and explained the role of a Parish Volunteer. After Mass a number of parishioners spoke to me about CAFOD’s work and were interested in becoming Parish Volunteers.

I concluded both talks by explaining that CAFOD has launched an emergency appeal to help the millions of people facing hunger in Ethiopia because of severe drought. CAFOD’s partners are helping vulnerable families and communities to access food, clean water and sanitation and seeds for planting as they hope that the rains will start soon.

Support our Ethiopia Appeal

With many thanks to parishioners in both parishes for making me feel so welcome and for all their support and prayers.


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