Coventry pilgrims show solidarity with refugees


Parishioners setting off on the Pilgrimage

 During Refugee Week,  many people have been inspired to show solidarity with refugees across the world. Although the actions, such as the Lampedusa Pilgrimage, may be small and humble, they are inspirational for the wider community and show that we are standing in solidarity with refugees across the world. 

This was the case, last weekend in Coventry. A small pilgrimage of only 15 parishioners set off from Precious Blood and All Souls Parish in Coventry, holding the Lampedusa Cross – a cross hand-carved from the wreckage of capsized boats carrying refugees. As they weaved across many points of the city, they were joined by more people along the way and nearly 40 people took part in the mass at the end of the pilgrimage.

Learn more about the Lampedusa Cross


Father Brandon holding the Lampedusa Cross

On the sunny Saturday, the group travelled from All Souls Parish to St Osburg’s where the group joined in prayer. From there, they walked to Priory Gardens, the site of Coventry’s first Cathedral, to Our Lady of Coventry.

The pilgrimage finished at St Mary and St Benedict’s where the parishioners were able to walk through the Holy Door with the cross and receive mass.

Father Michael Brandon said:

“The main focus of the pilgrimage was to pass through the Door of Mercy at St.Mary’s, Raglan Street and to celebrate Mass. To do so with a Lampedusa Cross made our sense of solidarity with both Pope Francis and those fleeing violence and war even stronger. Walking together through a city dedicated to reconciliation and peace had a powerful effect on us all.”

The day was one of reflection, unity and community, bringing people from all walks of life to stand together in solidarity.

If you would like to host the Lampedusa Cross at your parish, please contact or go to




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