CAFOD and Islamic Relief have a fruitful meeting!

Helen Moseley, Community Participation Manager for CAFOD in the South West & Wales, which includes the Birmingham Archdiocese, and Zeshaan Ali, Regional Volunteer Coordinator for Islamic Relief in the Midlands & North, had an excellent and useful meeting in July about volunteering in their respective agencies. Zeshaan had requested the meeting in order to share good practice and develop links between the two organisations, which have existed for many years but hadn’t been recently refreshed locally in Birmingham, although the two organisations consistently work together nationally and internationally.

Helen and Zeshaan July 2016

Helen reports, “We talked about many topics that were of relevance to us both, such as cultural attitudes to volunteering, volunteering trends and patterns, and recruiting volunteers in the Muslim and Catholic communities. Although we had some different practices, the volunteering work in our two agencies has so much in common and is very similar in many ways. We were able to share lots of good practice and ideas with one another – and we’ll definitely be meeting up again in the future.”

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