Students from Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Coventry reflect on the Lampedusa Cross and offer messages of hope and love to refugees

At the start of July, Cardinal Newman Secondary School, Coventry hosted our Lampedusa Cross and completed messages of hope cards to be shared with refugees at the end of the Year of Mercy.

Lampedusa Cross, Cardinal Newman, CovCardinal Newman’s Chaplain, Laura Kemp, tells us more:

‘We had the honour of having a Lampedusa cross in school, this cross is on a pilgrimage to teach others and share a message of hope and salvation, whilst also raising awareness of the suffering of those seeking refuge.

The Lampedusa cross is made from the pieces of boat that was wrecked off the coast of Lampedusa. This boat was carrying nearly 400 people from Somali and Eritrea seeking safety and refuge- 311 drowned on the journey. Francesco Tuccio used parts of the shipwreck to make crosses for the survivors as a symbol of hope after their ordeal. Some of these crosses are now travelling round the world as a message of hope, peace and mercy.

Students have been reflecting upon the significance of this cross and writing messages to those seeking refuge, all of these messages will join the CAFOD campaign and will also be sent to refugees around the world as messages of hope and love. We are extremely proud of the respect, love and understanding that our students have voiced in their messages.’

Laura Kemp, Lay Chaplain

Our Lampedusa Cross for the Birmingham Archdiocese is on display at St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham.

If you would like to borrow the Lampedusa Cross for your parish or school pilgrimage or messages of hope card signing, do get in touch (


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