Burntwood Parishioners Show Solidarity with Refugees

IMG_0592 - CopyOn Sunday 15 August St Joseph’s CAFOD group in Burntwood, together with their Parish Priest, Father Paul Haines and twenty-two fellow parishioners, took part in CAFOD’s Year of Mercy pilgrimage to show solidarity with the world’s refugees.

Mary Kane, CAFOD’s Parish Volunteer at St Joseph’s said ‘We were inspired by a deep mutual concern for the terrible plight of those displaced by war, famine and persecution. We wanted to make a special prayer vigil for them and were further inspired by the very moving prayers and images on CAFOD’s website.’

How to organise a Year of Mercy Pilgrimage with your community

IMG_0581 - Copy - Copy

The Lampedusa Cross

The group created a display and placed it in front of the altar beside the Lampedusa Cross, which they borrowed from CAFOD and is normally on display at St Chad’s Cathedral.

With Helen from the CAFOD group carrying the cross, they did two stages of the pilgrimage in the church grounds and the remaining five inside the church, using the prayers and reflections provided by CAFOD.

Find out more about the Lampedusa Cross

Over tea and cakes in the hall afterwards many people said how moving they had found the pilgrimage. They were visibly touched. Everyone completed Message of Hope cards, which will be dedicated at the end of the Year of Mercy and shared with refugees from all over the world.


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