Our new parish volunteer hits the ground running with successful Harvest Fast Day


The stage is set for Harvest Fast Day 2016

Here, parish volunteer Barbara Verrill tells us about her experience of Harvest Fast Day 2016 and why she put her faith into action to help some of the world’s poorest communities.

On 29th September I attended the CAFOD Stories from Bolivia evening at Sacred Heart parish in Rugby which was presented by Lizzie Wignall, CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator.  She was joined by Clare Dixon from CAFOD’s Latin America team.  It was very interesting, with a lot of detail on how the project would work and some inspiring photographs of what had already been achieved with another community. This talk inspired me to act to help with CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal.

Find out more about CAFOD’s work in South America

The weekend prior to Harvest Fast Day (Friday, 7th October) I gave a Harvest Fast Day talk at Mass.

I displayed Harvest Fast Day posters so that the congregation could immediately relate to what I was telling them. Although my talk took a bit longer than the allotted 2 minutes, my fellow parishioners patiently listened and took away the envelopes I distributed before Mass.  I felt they were very positive and cheerful!

The Harvest Fast Day appeal allowed CAFOD to help struggling communities, like those in the Bolivian Altiplano


Barbara created a display board to tell parishioners all about CAFOD’s wonderful work overseas.

I used the posters in the Harvest Fast Day pack that Lizzie sent as well as several pages from the CAFOD Summer 2016 Side by Side magazine and a copy of the ‘The scorched earth’ Harvest Fast Day Prayer by Catherine Goreman to set up a display board which greeted people as they arrived for Mass.  The collection took place at the Saturday Vigil and Sunday morning Mass the following weekend and raised £386. Our parish priest, Father Gerry Murray put a Harvest Fast Day notice on the Sunday Bulletin on 2nd October with a reminder mentioning Gift Aid the weekend that the collection took place.

Learn more about the great events that took place throughout Harvest Fast Day 2016

Lizzie Wignall, CAFOD Community Participation Co-ordinator, was extremely pleased with the genourosity of Barbara and her community. She said: “There work that Barbara put into presenting the Harvest Fast Day appeal and the response she was able to get was fantastic. A great sum was raised from the parish and that money will go towards our vital projects that seek to allieviate poverty in communities like those in Latin America.”

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