Jane Lavery – Volunteer Extraordinaire!

From time to time on our blog we like to celebrate some of our volunteers. Without volunteers CAFOD would not exist, most of our work at a local level is done by our extremely capable and generous team of volunteers.


This post is a chance to thank one particular volunteer, Jane. Jane is an extremely active volunteer who visits school to speak to the children about CAFOD’s work in communities overseas, and about how these young people can be part of CAFOD’s work for a more just world.

Over several years Jane has visited scores of schools to give assemblies or to take classroom sessions. Jane has given CAFOD inset training to teachers, and to training teachers. She has organised young leadership projects with small groups of pupils at several secondary schools. And she has led larger events bringing multiple schools together for a CAFOD experience.

Jane is also an active campaigner for CAFOD, she was part of the group who went to the COP21 talks in Paris last year.

One of the joys of working for CAFOD is the sense of enthusiasm which is carried by many of our volunteers, this enthusiasm is driven by a passion for justice and peace. As staff we are privileged and blessed to be able to work with volunteers like Jane and others.

If you are interested in volunteering for CAFOD email: birmingham@cafod.org.uk

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