Making a Difference

hannah-callanHannah is 15 and studying hard at school to take her GCSEs next summer but manages to find time to campaign and fundraise for CAFOD in her parish. With other volunteers in the parish she helps to organise the twice-yearly Fast Day collections and speaks at Masses about CAFOD’s work.

Hannah is passionate about the environment and actively campaigns to raise awareness and bring about change. She has recently become an MP Correspondent and contacts her MP about current campaigning issues related to CAFOD’s work.

How to become an MP Correspondent

Hannah belongs to her parish youth group and organised a ‘Bucket of Water’ challenge to demonstrate how difficult it is for some people to access water. She also organised an event to raise awareness of CAFOD’s One Climate One World Campaign and the impact of a cyclone in Myanmar.

Hannah told us: ‘I want to develop my own knowledge of the world I live in whilst helping others to understand it more as well. Respect plays a big role in this world and we have to respect others in order to move further in our world. I believe CAFOD can help me to do this by pushing me forward and supporting me to grow into a pioneering active Catholic who can make a difference in the world.’

We are very grateful to Hannah for all the inspiring work she does to support our work in her parish and with her Youth Group. Thank you Hannah.

Find out more about volunteering opportunities and contact us at if you would like to join our volunteer team.


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