Charlotte leaving for Cambodia

Charlotte BrayOn January 25th I will be flying out to Cambodia with three of my fellow CAFOD Gappers. As you can imagine, I am extremely excited to begin what I hope will be a truly inspirational, transformative experience for me.

I am thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to learn more about the work which CAFOD supports in Cambodia. What’s particularly special about my trip is that I get to learn about this work first-hand from CAFOD’s partner organisations, who are the people working on the ground, and get to witness CAFOD projects in action. I am so excited to get to help out with some of these projects by participating in activities such as rehabilitating community lakes and preparing land with communities in Cambodia. This gives me such an amazing and rare opportunity to put my faith into action and help make an impact for social justice in such an immediate and concrete way.

However, I am most excited to meet and learn from CAFOD’s inspirational partners in Cambodia who dedicate their lives to acting for social justice. I am particularly looking forward to having the opportunity to meet the communities and individuals who CAFOD partners work with, to get to know them, hear their stories and then share those stories with the people back home in the UK. What will be particularly special will be when we spend some time in the villages, as some families from a community we will be visiting have been generous enough to open their homes to us. I have been involved in fundraising for CAFOD my whole life, so for me personally this will be a particularly moving experience as it will allow me to put real faces, names and relationships to the projects that I’ve heard so much about.

As well having the opportunity to see CAFOD and its partners work first-hand, I am also really excited to learn more about Cambodian culture, their beliefs and way of life as I have just graduated university where I studied theology and religious studies, so having the opportunity to experience and learn from a culture completely different from my own is particularly exciting to me. I have no doubt that this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that I’ll never forget and one that will have a profound impact on my life.

Charlotte Bray



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