Jim, Phil, Jane and Kris – CAFOD campaigners

Campaigning for a more just world is core to CAFOD’s work, this work relies on a whole network of individuals who take actions privately, and on volunteers who work to share our campaigning work with others.

This month we would like to particularly acknowledge the efforts of four of our volunteers. Jim, Phil, Jane and Kris.

paris5(Phil, Jane, Jim and Kris, with Brendan in the middle – photo taken in Paris December 2015)

All four were part of the CAFOD group who went to Paris in 2015 for the COP21 climate talks.

You can hear from Kris on why he went to Paris here: https://cafodbirmingham.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/why-i-went-to-paris-for-the-cop21-summit/

And see how Phil enjoyed himself in Paris here: https://cafodbirmingham.wordpress.com/2015/12/13/some-video-from-the-final-rally-in-paris/

Both before and since their trip to Paris they have been tireless in their efforts to speak out on Climate Change for CAFOD, between them visiting scores of schools, parishes and groups. By their efforts they have motivated countless others to become active on the issue of climate change.

You can read about Jim and Jane’s ecumenical event a year last February in Redditch here: https://cafodbirmingham.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/redditch-christians-concerned-about-climate-change/

All four were involved in our Speak Up lobby which took place in October, organising events in their constituency inviting their local MP to tell them why the government needs to take action on Climate change.

Without them our campaigning would be much poorer.

If you would like to campaign with CAFOD then please get in touch birmingham@cafod.org.uk

Thank you.


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